Happy New Year 2013!! Farewell & Thank you, my Hockeyz!!

Since the 2004-05 Lockout (Anyone else seeing a pattern here?), a little radio podcast from Las Vegas has been your rebel base for the truth about NHL Ice Hockey. For 8 years, this program has been bringing you simple truths, political incorrectness, analysis, and hopefully a laugh or two. Now it is the time, to conclude my work here, and bid you farewell...

Hello, my Hockeyz!! Millian here with you. M- I - Double L - I - A - N!! Since the 2004-05 Lockout (Anyone else seeing a pattern here?), a little radio podcast from Las Vegas has been your rebel base for the truth about NHL Ice Hockey. For 8 years, this program has been bringing you simple truths, political incorrectness, analysis, and hopefully a laugh or two as I never really took myself too seriously. This program was birthed out of a rebellion against the vanilla media coverage that is all too common in NHL reporting. It was a way to not only air our grievances about the state of the last lockout, but to constantly speak out in hopes of bringing out the best of the league going forward. This show was a small attempt to push fans and media out of their comfort zone, and not just to blindly smile and hand over your money to a group who treat you as nothing more than a gate revenue.

This project was part of a wave of new media outlets that arose from the ashes of the cancelled season. As with many growing internet trends, we managed to get noticed, get taken seriously, and to annoy the old-school media elite who feel as though they are entitled to exclusive access. We were a voice for the fan, and by proxy, we were your access to events, backstage locations, and first-hand experiences that normally are not provided. We had a chance to be part of this small history in media, and I look back in satisfaction that we achieved the goals we set out to accomplish. This has been a difficult, yet very interesting and fun project to be a part of, and I will always cherish this time.

I am writing this letter to my friends, fans, followers and colleagues out there in the hockey world, as a big thank-you and a grateful acknowledgement. Without you, none of this would have ever happened to me. It is New Year's Eve, December 31, 2012 as I am writing this. By the time you read this, it will be a new year, and time for new things to be put into motion. It's sad, that we end this year not cheering on our teams, but waiting to see when and if we have a season at all. Sad but true, this is what our sport has become. It has become about the money and not the magic. Its about the gains, and not the game. Sadly, many young people and future generations will miss out on many of the memories that I got to be a part of. I had the chance to live through much of it, and in turn, I am blessed on so many levels. I have been posting on social media for quite some time, that there were two major announcements relating to the program.

With all of that said, it has come time for me to make the decision I have been dreading for almost a year now. With this program started by a lockout, it only seems fitting that I conclude under a lockout. As of the last day of 2012, I announce that The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio has officially ceased production of any future recordings, and I will move from a hosting and starring role, to more of a position sharing my knowledge and experience with up-and-coming broadcasters, and pushing others to the success that they rightfully deserve as well. My hope is that I have left some form of legacy to you as my audience, and have inspired at least some of you to step out, and to question everything. It has been truly a pleasure to work for you all, and I can never express fully in words how much this all has meant.

I would like to take this time to thank EVERYONE across the board for everything they have done for me. From the silent listener who stayed in the background, all the way to those who worked together with me on the audio, the interviews and the program itself. Over the years, there have been so many people who have contributed and poured into the program. The amount of people is too numerous for me to even consider mentioning by name. For if I did, I know I would leave someone out inadvertently. Suffice it to say, that I remember and recognize each and every one of you. Words cannot fully express the intensity and degree of the "Thank-you" I want to say. Regardless, I still say, Thank you, Thank you and Thank You!!!!!

It was about two years ago, that I began to see signs that problems were arising within the league. When I attended events, or was in communication with league personnel, there was always a heavy air around the whole process. If you check my old archives, you may hear me reference future lockout and work stoppages. In a way, I knew this was coming. Because this writing was on the wall, I began to explore other options for providing for my family, as relying on a somewhat incompetent group of knuckleheads was probably not the best strategy.

Around 2010, I opened a small radio podcast production company in Las Vegas, sharing my experience and skills with others who wish to become broadcasters. In that time, this company has been modestly successful, and has never produced a negative financial month. I have been spending a bulk of this last year focusing my energy on building this company, and developing talent. This is why my recording for BlueLine became more sparse and rare over this last 6-8 months. I blame the NHL, mainly! I can't complain, as it has been rewarding and we are becoming well-known in the area and things are growing in a positive direction. Again, I am truly blessed!

I sincerely apologize for fading and disappearing on you over this last year. Trust me, this is NOT the way that I hoped or expected things to go with the sport of hockey or with this program. Sadly, many of us in new media as well as workers who rely on hockey for income have all been shafted and are all stuggling, while billionaires and millionaires sit around and angrily decide how to split up our money. I know for me, I have had enough. I put in 30+ years of following the NHL, and this is not how I expect to be treated. Myself, like many, many fans have grown disallusioned with the league, but not the sport. I will continue to love the game of hockey for all of my days. However, the league and all the principles involved....not so much. I plan to find other areas to invest my time, possibly until this group gets their act together. This has been a travesty to everyone affected, and I am sure you all share my frustrations. Definitely not how I wanted things to end up!

On a brighter note, I would like to make it known, that I still wish to have communication with all of the friends I have made from this program. I plan to keep all of my social media accounts and lines of communication open. Should you wish to talk hockey, ask radio advice or just want to talk about food, I am still here. Just because I am not officially recording, does not mean that I cease to exist totally. I am still here, and still around. You can follow me on Twitter @BlueLineRadio and on Facebook at facebook.com/bluelineradio. Email is bluelineradio@yahoo.com. Feel free to email and reach out to me at any time! Additionally, I will maintain this webpage and an archive site and, many of the various program archives can be found here.

If you would like to follow my future work in podcasting, please visit my podcast network at TheCityFM.com where you will find some of my podcast work, voiceovers, and other programs that I am the executive producer for. On that page you will find my social media accounts, podcast links and all the related information. TheCityFM is a podcast network that features a series of original radio programs featured on Itunes, Stitcher and various social media outlets. All content is positive and uplifting material that is meant to enrich listeners experiences. Please feel free to follow me there and stay in touch with me.

I am so grateful that many of you were here to share many wonderful points in my life. From my marriage in 2005, to my various missions work out of the country, and to the birth of my son in 2010. It has been so rewarding to share the triumphs, the tragedies and all of the boring in-between. It is only fitting that the show conclude with our biggest triumph of all. In November 2012 I was approached by a production company in Vancouver who were listeners to my program, and enjoyed my work. They were the company responsible for producing the movies that you see in the theater at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. We had come to an agreement that my radio work would be featured for a new movie in the TSN Theatre at the HHOF entitled, "Stanley's Game Seven 3D." If you visit the Hall of Fame over the next several years, make sure to watch the movie, listen for the voice, and think of our time together.

What does this all mean in the big picture? It means that my silly, little podcast landed me in the Hockey Hall of Fame and featured my radio and voiceover work. In other words, I am a HALL OF FAMER, BABY!!!!! Much like everything in life, I didnt take the traditional approach to get there, but I did crash in through the side door. Bottom line, the culmination of my work on The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio brought me a simple but infinitely meaningful recognition for my years of blood, sweat and tears. While I don't deserve to be there in the same way the true warriors do, I am grateful that I am still there floating amongst them! While I am not featured in this particular video, here is the trailer for the movie:

And there we have it, my friends. You know the full story, the history and what I like to think is, the strong finish to the program. I depart from you a better person for this experience, and for knowing you. I leave you as a hall-of-famer(of sorts). I begin my conclusion so grateful for the chance to be part of the game, involved in the history and tradition of the game, attending events, freeloading off the NHL's food, crashing parties, and most importantly, for having you guys spend your time with me.

This is the difficult point for me, and I want to keep writing and writing. Because I know that the moment I finish the last sentence, this whole season of my life is officially complete. I am going to miss you all more than you realize. For being a snarky, sarcastic moron with a microphone, it would surprise you how much I really do care.

At this point, I would like to end with a few simple statements. First off, this is still the best hockey league ever, despite being run by morons. Players today are the best we have ever seen, and will only continue to get better. I still think Martin Brodeur is an over-rated product of the system, but at the end of the day he will join me in the Hall of Fame, so "good on ya" mate! I still think that hockey can work in non-traditional places, but we've learned that no one cares enough to make it work properly. The truth is, we don't know what the future of the NHL will be, or even if this latest dispute will bear fruit, even when it's finally resolved. I don't hate the French or Russian players, despite what you may think. Fighting and physical activity should ALWAYS be part of this game, and we should always cherish our traditions. I honestly don't know what will become of any of these things. What I do know is, that I got to live the dream, even if only for what felt like a few minutes.

It's only fitting at this time, that I come clean to you about my favorite team and who I followed all of these years. And the answer is......Nah, I am going to keep you guessing! Sorry and LOL! Some things should remain a mystery, just to keep it fun!

Hockeyz, I thank you as always for being there. It has truly been a pleasure for me, and I hope I brought some excitement to you in some capacity. My gratitude seemingly has no bounds and I will always remember this. From the bottom of my heart, I loved my time here and love all of you out there!!

Big Love, Huge Blessings to You and get that dog off of my lawn!

--Millian, The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio
(aka Hall of Famer Radio Guy... that's right, I said it!!)