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Interview –’s Launy Schwartz

September14’s Launy Schwarts joins us on the interview side to talk about his project which fuses online media, hockey, social networking, and journalism, to bring you a one-stop hockey shop for the fan.  In this interview we discuss his background and experience, his journalism experience, what brings to the table, and the future of hockey’s online and alternative media.

Launy Schwartz – Launy “The” Schwartz is your faithful pork pie hat wearing host and co-founder of After more than 25 years as a player, fan, coach, and now a goalie instructor, he brings to you his keen and sometimes off-centre view about the game that defines him.

Dahlia Kurtz – Dahlia Kurtz is the Hockey Girl. As co-founder of, this Montrealer has many years experience as a hockey fan, personal trainer, and nutrition and wellness specialist. She is also a professional journalist, who has worked for many media outlets, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a reporter and producer. Since Hockey Girl is an estrogen dominant force in the hockey world, she delivers what’s missing most in it – Kahonies.

MP3 Interview: Click here for the MP3 of the Interview

Big thanks to Launy for visiting on The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio!!

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“Interview –’s Launy Schwartz”

  1. Avatar September 14th, 2010 at 2:47 pm Buddy Oakes Says:

    Great interview guys. Thanks for the shout out Launy.

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